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Examples of Maryland’s Family Engagement Initiatives


The Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework

The Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework outlines goals and strategies to support family engagement initiatives implemented by early care and education providers.

The purpose of the Framework is to:

Recognize the importance of family engagement as a core component of early care and education.
Put forth common goals for family engagement across the early childhood system and within individual early care and education providers.
Offer family engagement strategies for early care and education providers and identify resources that support implementing these strategies.

The Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework Toolkit

The Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework Toolkit: Maryland’s Vision for Engaging Families with Young Children, was developed through funding with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The Toolkit was organized around the Framework. The Framework is the theory and the Toolkit puts the theory into practice.

The Toolkit was designed to support Maryland’s early childhood community as early care and education providers implemented the Framework’s strategies; to promote family engagement in early care and education settings; and to improve outcomes for families and children by promoting a two-generational approach. The Toolkit was a collaborative effort among programs across Maryland, including Head Starts, Judy Centers, Family Support Centers, prekindergarten programs, family care providers, libraries, and child development centers.

The Maryland Family Engagement Summit

Introduced in 2016, the Maryland Family Engagement Summit brings together parents, providers, teachers, program coordinators, and other stakeholders to learn new early learning initiatives, share best practices, and build community partnerships. This annual event offers innovative approaches for early care and education providers resources to meet the needs of parents and families.

The Summit brings national and local early learning and child development experts together with the broader early care and education community to share insight on topics such as school readiness, transitions, leadership and advocacy, community involvement, professional development, and more.

Read a summary of the 2018 Maryland Family Engagement Summit here.

The Parent Leadership Learning Party

The Parent Leadership Learning Party, developed in collaboration with experts at EPIC (Every Person Influences Children), provides parents and families with important leadership and advocacy skills to promote civic engagement in the familiar and comfortable Learning Party format. It is part of a larger effort to create and sustain local parent leadership efforts through the Early Childhood Advisory Councils, Judy Centers, and public school systems. The Parent Leadership Learning Party is designed to support parents and family members as they take an active role in their child’s education and in schools, early learning programs, and local communities.

The Learning Party has been designed to meet Goal 7 of the Maryland Family Engagement Framework: Family engagement initiatives should support the development of families as leaders and child advocates.

The Learning Party supports growth and development in four areas:

Trust and Conflict
Idea Implementation

Maryland’s Family Support Center Network

Maryland’s Family Support Center Network offers high-quality care and education for children from birth to age 4 in 25 Family Support Centers across Maryland. The network offers families:

Health, mental health, and nutrition services
Training, education, and job assistance
Parenting education and self-advocacy skills

Judith P. Hoyer (“Judy”) Early Child Care and Family Education Centers

Judy Centers provide coordination of early childhood education programs and offer families:

Adult education and social services
An array of activities that promote parenting skills
Social networking opportunities that help families connect with their peers and their community

Every Child Ready to Read

Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library helps families by offering:

Library resources for families
Workshops that help parents learn how to make reading with their children educational and fun
Community supports for promoting literacy

Strengthening Families Parent Cafes

Strengthening Families Parent Cafes help families by offering:

Guided real-world conversations about parenting
Ways to learn about available support services
Opportunities to share ideas and learn together
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