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Judy Center Early Learning Hubs
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What’s a Judy Center?

Judy Center Early Learning Hubs prepare children for success in school and life. Through community partnerships, Judy Centers promote school readiness for children ages birth through five by connecting families to comprehensive full-day, full-year early care and education services. Judy Centers use a multigenerational approach for families and children and provide professional development for early childhood educators.

Judy Centers support Maryland’s youngest learners by empowering a child’s first teacher— their families. Through family engagement activities, such as playgroups and family education, Judy Centers help families to learn new ways to engage with their children.

Each Judy Center is unique in meeting the needs of its communities. Judy Centers provide services or connects families with local service providers for some of the following options:

  • Adult Education
  • Case Management
  • Developmental and Health Screenings
  • Family Engagement Activities
  • Parenting Classes
  • Playgroups
  • Early Intervention Identification

The Judy Centers are located in every Maryland County and at Title I and other high-needs schools.  They are open year-round to serve families who live in these school districts and play an important role in the community.

Frederick County to get fifth Judy Center Early Learning Hub

Do you want to connect with your local Judy Center? Find the nearest center and discover the many ways your local Judy Center can help support your family! Having trouble contacting your local Judy Center? For assistance, contact Kaymi Plank, Judy Center Manager, at (410) 767-6549 or kaymi.plank@maryland.gov.  Para asistencia en Español, Nancy Garcia, Judy Center Specialist, at (410) 767-0785 or nancy.garcia1@maryland.gov.


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