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How do you Engage Parents and Families? Quiz

How do you Engage Parents and Families? Quiz
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How do you Engage Parents and Families? Quiz

Take this interactive quiz to see where you are on your journey to effective family engagement in your program.  Take the full Family Engagement Self-Assessment or learn more through the Maryland Family Engagement Toolkit.


When it comes to planning events for parents and families, my program usually

a crowd of people walking to festival tents

Choose the statement that best describes family conferences in your program.

When a family has a need, my program

a circle of hands placed on top of one another forming a circle

When a parent or family member is interested in taking on a leadership role, I

young boy wearing aviator gear with his arm up in the air

When it comes to volunteering at my program,

a woman sits on the floor playing with three children who are sitting at a table playing with manipulatives

Choose the one statement that best describes your program.

a green couch with a side table

My program is responsive to family cultures by

An indian family with mother, father and two girls light a ceremonial candle

My program makes sure the materials are culturally responsive by

boy sits on floor playing with a rocket ship

Choose the statement that best describes your program's communication with families.

a woman in a business suit is talking on the phone in front of a computer with a young girl sitting beside her

We encourage families to interact and learn from each other by

a group of mothers and children sit on the floor playing with the toddlers

My program supports families experiencing educational transitions by

Gentle Transition Tips for parents of young children - ayoung girl holds her parent's hand and looks up to them as they walk into a classroom

We support families as the lifelong educators of their children through

man sits on the floor with this son playing with blocks

Choose one statement that best describes how you incorporate families in child assessment.

girl in glasses is writing on a clear board with words, assessment, measure, investigate, result, goal, fact, analysis and survey

To build relationships with families,

an hour glass

How do you Engage Parents and Families?

boy dressed in aviator gear with wings

You are an innovator when it comes to family engagement. You understand the importance of building relationships with families and know how to do it. Take the EC Self Assessment for a further look at how your program's family engagement strategies align with best practices.
Making Progress

Toddler boy walking up a books lined up like stairs

You are progressing toward meaningful family engagement in your program. You know what family engagement is; but may struggle in putting effective strategies in place. After taking the EC Self Assessment, create an action plan to help your program move to even better practices.
A Good Start

young girl in running position at start line of race

You are at the starting point of an exciting journey toward engaging families in your program. The Early Childhood Family Engagement Toolkit can provide support and information as you build your family engagement practices.
Ready to Learn

boy touching his glasses sitting at a desk with large books and container of pencils

You are ready to learn more about effective family engagement practices. The Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework will give you a foundation to build your knowledge and start to put important family engagement strategies in place.

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