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Toni’s Outdoor Adventures Checklist

Get Up and Get Out. Seek Adventure with Toni this Summer!

Toni’s Outdoor Adventures Checklist
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Toni’s Outdoor Adventures Checklist

MFE Presents: Toni’s Outdoor Adventures!

Toni's Outdoor AdventuresGet Up and Get Out.

#SeekOutdoorAdventures with Toni this Summer! (video)

Hunting butterflies, picking strawberries, reading a new book: what adventures will you and your little ones seek this summer? Create great memories that will last a lifetime, while following the MSDE Division of Early Childhood’s updated COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Facilities.

  • Discover new adventures by visiting the MFE Events Page.
  • Encourage your little ones to check a box every time you complete a new adventure together. 
  • Go on a strawberry picking adventure at Maryland’s Strawberry Festivals, including the 40th-anniversary celebration at Sandy Spring Museum.
  • Seek adventure at one of Maryland’s state parks! Take your children fishing, swimming, biking or hiking.
  • Share photos or videos of your outdoor adventures with @MDEngageEarly using the Hashtag #SeekOutdoorAdventures.

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Outdoor Adventures Checklist

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