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Back-To-School Family Engagement E-books

Establish partnerships with families on day one!

Back-To-School Family Engagement E-books
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Back-To-School Family Engagement E-books

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How to increase family engagement in schools and programs?

Start by establishing partnerships with parents and families to ensure children’s academic success from day one!

Maryland’s vision for family engagement is a two-generation strategy that focuses on creating opportunities for and addressing the needs of students and their families.

Back To School

Take advantage of Back-To-School Night, which in some cases, might be your only opportunity to meet your families face-to-face. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, events such as Back-To-School Giveaways, PTO, PTA meetings or other special events were the most common school-related activities in which over 85% of families participated.

Partnerships with Families

In five simple steps, you can use the Back-To-School Family Engagement E-book to begin building relationships with your students and families:

  • Step One: Complete the Meet My Teacher page.
  • Step Two: Write a brief message encouraging families to complete the Meet My Family and Goal-Setting Template pages.
  • Step Three: Share the book with families via e-mail or text them a link to the family engagement e-book.
  • Step Four: E-mail or text a follow-up message to families to ensure they complete the book together as a family.
  • Step Five: After the first 100 days, e-mail or text the certificate to families.

Family Engagement Resources and Activities

Visit the MFE Family Engagement Collection or Family Activity Collection for helpful resources and activities to engage families. Also, take a moment to review the Maryland Family Engagement Early Childhood Framework and Toolkit for best practices and strategies to support families.

Below are just a few examples of the resources available to download and share:

Please complete the forms below to download your Back-To-School Family Engagement E-book (Birth-PreK 4, Kindergarten or 1st-12th Grades).

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Birth- PreK 4 Educators Family Engagement Back-To-School Family Engagement E-book

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Kindergarten Educators Family Engagement Back-To-School Family Engagement E-book

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1st-12th Educators Family Engagement Back-To-School Family Engagement E-book

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