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two adults sit at table with a young boy in a wheelchair

Developing Partnerships with Families of Children with Disabilities: Seven Principles for Success

By Andrea Parrish, Ed. D., IDEALS Institute
“Partnerships are not hard work, but heart work. They are ...
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Girl with pigtails wearing a white dress holding a cup of water.

Give Your Child a Healthy Mouth with Fluoride

By Diane Teigiser, Administrator, Maryland Dental Action Coalition
young child painting

Promoting a Growth Mindset: Through the Lens of Children’s Literature

By Thelma Hayes, MS Ed, Hayes Educational Resources Enterprises, LLC
How can educators become “influencers” when it comes to building ...
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Three little girls sitting on the floor with stuffed animals.

Support for Homeless Families: All it Takes is a Little Hope

By Malkia “Kia” McLeod, Maryland State Department of Education
HOPE For All serves children and families in Anne Arundel ...
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Expecting mother.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

By Nancy Baker, ChildMode
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. giving his "I Have a Dream" speech and waving to the crowd.

The Top Five Websites for Young Children to Participate in MLK Day

By Malkia "Kia" McLeod, Maryland State Department of Education
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