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International Backyard Olympics (Checklist)

Try staging your own family competition at home.

International Backyard Olympics (Checklist)
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International Backyard Olympics (Checklist)

MFE Presents: International Backyard Olympics!International Backyard Olympics (Checklist for Families)

Is your little one a natural-born Olympian? Training, hard work and dedication are just a few of the skills required to become an Olympian.

What is the youngest age to compete in the Olympics?

  • According to the International Olympic Committee rules, there is no specific age limit to compete in the Olympic games.

How do kids get into the Olympics?

As the 2020 Summer Olympic Games (branded 2020 because of COVID-19) kickoff in Tokyo, try staging your own family competition at home. National Geographic offers 10 awesome international games that your children will love. Perhaps, your family competition will inspire them to seek Olympic gold one day!

Use the MFE International Backyard Olympics Checklist below to track your games. Don’t forget to purchase medals or ribbons for the winners! Share your family competition photos with @MDEngageEarly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SeekSummerAdventures. For more family fun activities,  download your Outdoor Adventures Checklist or Fun Ideas for Family Engagement (Summer).

International Backyard Olympics Instructions

Open PDF in a new window to download and print.

International Backyard Olympics Games (Checklist)

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