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MFE Presents: #HealthyGreenFamilies

Eating healthy meals can help manage anxiety and improve children’s moods.

MFE Presents: #HealthyGreenFamilies
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DYK? Research shows eating healthy meals can help manage anxiety and improve children’s moods.

Below, families and educators will find various resources to help children choose healthier meal options. With these simple recipes, tips and activities, you will encourage children to develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

MFE Presents: #HealthyGreenFamilies (video)

The spring planting season is the perfect time of year to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. For National Nutrition Month and National Garden Month, visit a local farmers market, create an arts and crafts project, read books about healthy foods and watch gardening videos.

Spring Gardening Tips

The Family Seed Challenge

The Family Seed Challenge

Tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, oh my! For the spring planting season, teach children the value of growing their food by planting a school, program, family or community veggie garden. Take the Family Seed Challenge! Showcase your children’s green thumbs by sharing photos with @MDEngageEarly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the Hashtag #HealthyGreenFamilies.

National Sloppy Joe Day

National Sloppy Joe Day is March 18! DYK: People call sloppy joes by different names in different parts of the U.S., including barbecues, dynamites, goulash, sloppy janes, slush burgers, steamers, wimpies and yum yums? What ingredients do you use to make your favorite sloppy joe: chicken, turkey, beef, pork or veggie? Share photos of one of MFE’s recommended recipes or your favorite recipe with @MDEngageEarly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the Hashtag #MySloppyJoe.

#MySloppyJoe Recipes: 

Spring Recipes for Family Dinner

Research shows that eating healthy meals can help manage anxiety and improve children’s moods. So turn off the TV and collect the electronic devices. It’s dinnertime! Your little ones, even the picky eaters, will love to make and eat the following easy, kid-friendly recipes:

Top 10 Spring Recipes for Family Dinner:

National Tomato Day

National Tomato Day is April 6! The tomato is the focal point of favorite dishes such as fresh garden salad, spaghetti and tacos. Children will be amazed by how it starts with a single seed. Learn how to grow tomatoes with children:

Make Your Own Popsicles #MyLittleChef (video) 

Strawberry, banana, orange, peach or a combination of fresh flavors and yogurt? Pop into summer with homemade popsicles. Nothing is better than beating the heat with a healthy, fresh-from-the-freezer popsicle made together as a family. Share photos or videos of your popping fruity summer treats with @MDEngageEarly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the Hashtags #HealthyGreenFamilies and #MyLittleChef.

Top 5 Popping Fruity Summer Treats:

National Sandwich Month

August is National Sandwich Month! Avocado or spinach: it’s time to spread a little magic. Practice perfect stacking just in time for back-to-school lunch. Share your perfect stacks with @MDEngageEarly using the Hashtag #BTSGreenMeals! Watch the National Sandwich Month video.

Top 5 Back-to-School Green Sandwiches:

The Little Chef’s Corner

Drop by The Little Chef’s Corner to learn more about the benefits of cooking with children, get tips to introduce your little chef to new recipes, encourage your picky eater to try new food and discover MFE’s favorite healthy recipes children love to make and eat.

What’s for Dinner?

Discover nutrition tips, fun and creative recipes and more with The MFE Nutrition Collection on the resources page. New resources are coming! So visit the nutrition collection often.

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